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Who is Behind Your Dental Blog?

When it comes to social media and a web presence for your private dental practice, you rely solely on the experience of a dental marketing company and private copywriter. But what if your marketing team doesn’t have the dental experience to fully grasp the nature of the particular procedure that you’re advertising – or relay a specific type of a procedure in a realistic, understandable manner?

Finding the Right Dental Content Writer is Key

Unfortunately, many marketing companies use dental content writers that don’t even have a background in the oral healthcare field. Google is their best friend, or they spin content from other websites to make it look original. As a result, you get generic content that doesn’t reflect your unique methodology, clinical preferences, or is too vague to give your readers the answers that they’re looking for.

You’re Too Busy To Do It Yourself

Many dentists start out writing their own blogs, or having an office manager/hygienist/assistant do it for them. This works at first, but then once business picks up, nobody has time to keep your dental blog updated. When that happens, your social media presence starts to look out-of-date.

Finding Someone to Help

  • Save you time

  • Ensure that the right information is relayed to your prospective patients

  • Keep your online presence from growing stagnant

  • Allow you to promote newer services or skills that you’re implementing in your practice

At DentaSpeak, we work with you personally to target the specific procedures that you want to perform more of, implement SEO keywords to help you get the page rankings that you depend on, and protect you from generic, copy/pasted web content that is written by people who have no dental experience whatsoever.

If you’re not happy with your dental content writer, or want to bring your own content to the table for a dental practice website – contact DentaSpeak for a no-hassle consultation.

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